Pegan Hill | Natick, Massachusetts

The Gorgeous Pegan Hill of Natick, Massachusetts

Pegan Hill of Natick, Massachusetts was ones the home of the Massachusetts tribe and then transitions to the farmscape during the colonial era. The stone walls and the thick woodlands still stand.

This spectacular location is the highest point of Natick, Massachusetts—measuring at 410 feet. Vistors visit the tip, top of the Hill to picnic, sit, relax and enjoy the views of many pine, oak, maple and birch trees.

The hill has been cleared by the Pegan Indians over the course of 100 years, beginning in 1651. The land was used for croplands and pasture. Later years brought settlers in and took over the land for farming.

Pegan Hill is Magical

This location is highly sought out. While visiting ourselves, we encounter many friendly visitors. There’s a bit of a hill to walk up, but once you are at the top, the air is magical. 

We find ourselves standing the top, 410 feet up, in awe of the view. There’s really no bad scene to be seen. Two adirondack chairs welcome sitters. A historic rock wall stands in honor of history. Heroic trees are there to pose around. A field of Queen Anne’s Lace outfits the land and your family’s portraits. Trust us when we say—Pegan Hill is magical.

Natick or Dover, Massachussets?

Pegan Hill sits on the line of two Massachusetts towns: Dover and Natick. 

The Dover side of Pegan Hill offers a small parking lot, adjacent to the backside of Lookout Farm. This side of Pegan Hill brings you through the woodland trails. If you like to hike, you will love Pegan Hill’s trails.

The Natick side of Pegan Hill is where we take our clients. Parking is tough though. There is not a dedicated lot and the closer you get to the entrance of Pegan Hill, parking is prohibited. We direct our clients to park along side of Pegan Lane, Natick a ways away from the No Parking signs. It’s a small walk to the entrance—but once you see the view, it’s worth it!

Newborn Photography at Pegan Hill

Blush Baby Photo recently photographed a Newborn Session at Pegan Hill, Natick. While all of our traditional newborn sessions are done in our Sherborn Studio—this one was unique and came out perfectly! Baby was 3 months old and parents were looking for those candid moments (opposed to the posed studio newborn shots.) Since newborn was an “older” newborn, Boston Newborn Photographer, Blush Baby Photo, recommended we head outside to a beautiful (and safe) location to capture their family portraits. Hello Pegan Hill!

Once up the hill, Pegan Hill is an easy location. It is rather flat and easy to maneuver around. The fields are clean. The air is fresh. There is sitting areas for feeding breaks. All perfect for a little newborn in tow. 



Seasons at Pegan Hill

Boston’s Newborn Photographer has visited Pegan Hill in the summer months—leaving the grass a bit dried out (which is a great thing for our textural esthetic!) You will not find very tall grass, rather a meadow of Queen Anne’s Lace adding a pop of neutrals to your portraits. 

Overall, it is a wide open space, ready for your clients to roam, twirl, hug and love on one another.

Blush Baby Photo + Pegan Hill

This location, Pegan Hill of Natick Massachusetts, is one of Boston’s Newborn Photographer’s top locations to bring their Greater Boston area clients to. It has so much to offer—and clients are in awe of the view. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

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