Lone Tree Hill | Belmont, Massachusetts

Welcome to Lone Tree Hill of Belmont, Massachusetts

A breathtaking nature preserve located in the beautiful town of Belmont, Massachusetts—a perfect spot for outdoor photoshoots. Massachusetts family, maternity, children, couples, engagement photographers: take note! 

Lone Tree Hill, located in the heart of Belmont, Massachusetts is a sweet, peaceful conservation area that offers various trails through woodlands leading the way to a stunning open-space meadow filled with layers of texture and detail (a huge perk for outdoor lifestyle photographers!) 

Lone Tree Hill's Offerings

Lone Tree Hill, Belmont is known for birding, hiking, walking, even biking. Many visitors enjoy a 1.8-mile loop trail. Reviewers consider Lone Tree Hill a fairly easy hike, taking about 40 minutes to complete.

Passing visitors are friendly! Many dogs were seen on leashes walking with their owners. Some visitors stopped and were interested in our work, which is always a lovely experience for Massachusetts Photographers. A handful of mountain bikers were seen enjoying the trail, as well. All very cordial and pleasant. 

When to Visit Lone Tree Hill

We recommended visiting Lone Tree Hill April through October given it’s gorgeous greenery, wildflowers, tall grass, and dappled glowing light though lush trees—a Massachusetts’ Family Photographer’s dream! 

Plus, New England snowy, frigid winters aren’t very fun for anyone frolicking through fields in flowing silk gowns and tulle skirts (But after all, we’re also Newborn Photographers who thrive in a 85 dress studio!)  Three out of four seasons aren’t bad: Spring, Summer and then Fall are ideal times to hold a photoshoot at the open space in Belmont, Massachusetts. 

Summer at Lone Tree Hill

Massachusetts’ summer temps can certainly get up there at peak summer season. During those hotter summer days, visitors can take solace in the shade provided by the vast tree coverings. Bonus! At the tip of Lone Tree’s meadow, there is a charming sitting area with a dedicated granite bench tucked away behind a tree. Vistor’s often stop, take a water break here and enjoy overlooking the meadow land. 

For those who love the sun (especially at golden hour sessions) Lone Tree Hill’s meadow is the perfect spot for photography. There is a meadow looping trail on the perimeter that provides slight elevation changes, tall grass, grand trees, yellow and white fields of wildflowers. Walk your clients along a trail loop around the meadow, making stops along the way for children to play in the tail grass or pose families in front of a vast handsome tree. Best part, no bugs! 


Best LOCATION for an Outdoor Family Photoshoot in Massachusetts

Lone Tree Hill Parking

Like Tree Hill comes with a large, paved lot and is very easy to find. The lot is located right off of Mill Street, Belmont Massachusetts. From this parking lot, there’s direct access to explore the shaded woodland trails. 

If you are interested in direct access to Lone Tree Hill’s meadow, it can be accessed via Concord Ave, Belmont, Massachusetts. The meadow entrance is directly across from Belmont Hill Club’s parking lot. Please note: there is not a dedicated parking lot for Lone Tree Hill’s meadow. You have to get a bit creative! 

Neighboring Sights of Lone Tree Hill

This particular area of Belmont is an explorers’ playground. There are a handful of neighboring trails, conservation land and well known landmarks such as: 

Belmont Hill Club

Mass Audubon’s Wildlife Scantuary 

McLean State Hospital

Rock Meadows Conservation Area + Victory Garden

Beaver Brook Reservation

Belmont Day School

Blush Baby Photo + Lone Tree Hill

After exploring many of the above, Blush Baby Photo found that Lone Tree Hill’s meadow provided a nice, short, easy walk from the (best for our clients) with beautiful open views, which is unlike many trails in that area of Belmont, Massachusetts. (Those we’re all a bit more woodlands, not the kind of space we find ideal for our brand’s work.) 

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