Charles River State Reservation | Medfield, Massachusetts

The Unsung Hero: Charles River State Reservation

Charles River State Reservation isn’t often sought after for family photography, since a few other local attractions seem to take the lead. However, Boston Family Photographer, Blush Baby Photo loves this hidden gem. We consider it one of Medfield, Massachusetts’ unsung heros!

Offerings at Medfield's Charles River State Reservation

Medfield’s Charles River State Reservation is nicely marked with a clean sign and welcomes you into a small, humble parking lot. When the State Reservation is open (it does have weekly hours listed online, so please check them out!) you can drive your vehicle down, into the reservation and access other points along the river. 

This beautiful reservation in Medfield is know for its hunting (except on Sundays) and a great fishing and trapping area. The grounds are kept natural and clean. There’s a variety of tall grasses, wild flowers, seasonal blooms and lush grand trees. Every time we’ve been there, it’s been rather quiet with minimal passing by visitors.

Part of a Larger Medfield, MA Trail

Charles River State Reservation is part of a larger 4-mile hike which included the Medfield State Hospital cemetery and the Medfield Airport. Depending on what time of year you visit, and if the trees have filled out or not, you can get a view of the river. King Philip’s Overlook is also visible at certain times of the year.


One of the Best Locations for Outdoor Photoshoot in the Greater Boston area

A Field of Texture in Medfield, MA

Adjacent to the dedicated parking lot, there is an open field where we shoot most of our family, maternity, engagement sessions. It’s a short walk from my clients vehicles, easy for children in tow and offers a beautiful picturesque background. This field comes with a fun hill for children to run up and down—all the while, capturing their genuine emotions. Parents are able to keep close tabs on their families through the tall grass. We pose couples against the vast perimeter of trees. It makes for a stunning portrait! 

In the heat of Boston’s Summer, this Charles River State Reservation’s field is outfitted with pure white blooms, Queen Anne’s Lace. These natural blooms, which are also considered weeds, add the perfect tone and texture to your family’s portraits. After all, they are named after “ lace” since the blooms have a similar textural nature to them. They tend to be in bloom from mid-summer and can last until early fall.

Other Sights to be Seen in Medfield, MA

Medfield, MA has a lot to offer to ones who love the outdoors. Be sure to check out any or all of the below for another beautiful day of sightseeing (or photography!)  

Medfield State Hospital

Medfield State Hospital Cemetery

Medfield Airport

Rocky Narrows (which is really in Sherborn, MA, but borders Medfield.)


Blush Baby Photo + Charles River State Reservation

As a newborn, child and family photographer, Blush Baby Photo loves Medfield’s Charles River State Reservation. It’s easily accessible for our clients. It provides an open space for my tiny clients to roam free. The neural beauty will bring texture and quality to any photographer’s lens. It’s a must shoot!

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