Centennial Reservation | Wellesley, Massachusetts

The Majestic Centennial Reservation | Wellesley Massachusetts

Centennial Reservation of Wellesley Massachusetts is a majestic bit of conservation land for all to enjoy! A rather easy trail that takes about 31 minutes to complete. The loop totals approximately 1.2 miles. You can find visitors hiking, walking dogs, and cross-country skiing.

Centennial Reservation was purchased by the town in 1980 to remain a habitat for a variety of wildlife such as deer, coyote, turkeys, and birds of all species.

The trail is adjacent to Bezanson Pond of Wellesley (which is named after a local resident who grew up fishing at the pond.)

Why Centennial Reservation?

Boston Newborn and Family Photographer, Blush Baby Photo loves this protected open space for a few reasons.

Parking is provided. There’s a medium-sized lot for our clients to park, prep and get ready for their session. Getting in and out of the parking lot is a tight squeeze, but manageable. 

Nice entry way. As you exit your vehicles in the lot, you are welcomed by a sweet entry way with picnic tables. Visitors are seen here getting their hiking equipment ready or they dogs leashed. It was here that we made so many furry friends just in the 20 minutes we spent there before our sunset session.

Easy (and gorgeous!) trail loop. As a Boston Family Photographer, we only bring our clients to locations that are safe and easy to navigate. Centennial Reservation is one! Access the part of the trail loop to the right, as you enter, for a variety of nooks to capture families.

When to Visit Centennial Reservation

Blush Baby Photo recommends visiting Centennial Reservation of Wellesley Massachusetts in the Spring and Summer months. Why? Because the land provides a variety of nature that will add texture to your family’s portraits in an instant.

You will find a plethora of wildflowers, tall grass and vast lush trees. What some consider weed, we consider beauty. The tall grass that has a grain-like appearance is a golden star in our book!


Best LOCATION for an Outdoor Family Photoshoot in The Greater Boston Area

The People of Centennial Reservation

During our photoshoots at Centennial Reservation, we’ve come across all LOVELY visitors, passerby, dog walkers and neighboring residents to the park. We’ve always been amazing and pleasantly surprised that each and every person we’ve come in contact with at Centennial Reservation has been nothing short of warm and welcoming.

Passerbys stop, say hi and are interested in what we are doing (having a family photoshoot.) They interact with our clients. They inquiry with us, the Boston Newborn and Family Photographers. We’ve never felt so welcomed than we do here in Wellesley, Massachusetts. 

Centennial Reservation is Great for Children

The large trail loop of Centennial Reservation is accommodating to adults and children alike. The grounds are rather even with some roots and rocks along the way. There are hills children can run up and down on. There are fields of tall grass for children to explore. It’s a rather safe and secure location Boston Photographers can feel confident bringing their client families to.

Blush Baby Photo + Centennial Reservation

Centennial Reservation located in Wellesley, Massachusetts is one of Blush Baby Photo’s favorite locations for a newborn, family, couples photoshoot. Why? Easy. It has a warm presence about it, right as you walk in. It’s safe, secure and not to mention, gorgeous. Families and children are able to roam free in the wild as we capture their raw, genuine interactions and emotions. The natural blooms and tall grass make for stunning backgrounds in our portraits our clients are always in love with. We highly recommend Centennial Reservation of Wellesley, Massachusetts. 

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