Decorating Your Home With YOUR Family

Display your family proudly. Very, very proudly.

Home is Where the Heart is

Decorating your home with your family is the best way to make your house a home. I know you have heard that saying! If you haven’t, then now you have! Here’s why this statement is so true: Your house really becomes a home when it is filled with the ones you love. What better way than to fill it with beautiful portraits and photos of special moments in you and your family’s life? Below are some of my favorite ways to display or incorporate your prints into your everyday life.

The Show-Stopper

I think most people immediately just think about a gallery wall (which we will talk about further down) but having one beautiful piece displayed as the main event is truly eye-catching! It will no doubt become a conversation starter. Displaying your favorite portrait over the mantle or even the entryway for a statement piece is definitely worth trying.

Coffee Table Decor

This is the least expected way to showcase your favorite photos when decorating your home. Back when scrapbooks were all the rave, you wouldn’t have batted an eye to see one displayed on the coffee table. In today’s age where everything is digital, this is the last thing you would think to see! Adding an heirloom album that tells your family’s story to the coffee table is the best way for all to enjoy.

The Gallery Wall

I feel like this is the most common way people would display photos, and for good reason! Displaying multiple photos at once so that people can get the full affect or the artwork as a whole is my favorite. And play around with different orientations and locations. You’re able to get really creative with this option. Our collections are a versatile option for smaller spaces or displaying multiple portraits, together.

Grandparent's Gifts

This has to be the sweetest idea on keeping up with your photos. Creating a beautiful keepsake like this can easily become a prized possession when your little one is inside. Don’t know what to get Grandma this holiday? All of our products make precious family gifts!

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