Is Newborn Photography Safe?

Thinking of getting newborn photos done?

A question we’ve been asked a couple times here at Blush studio is, “is newborn photography safe?”

If you’re wondering about getting newborn photos done, rest assured your newborn is 100% in the safest hands here at Blush Baby. So let’s walk through what makes our newborn shoots safe and what you should look out for or some questions to ask when booking newborn photos elsewhere.

Kira's Mom was shocked at how much went into a Newborn Photoshoot - once she saw it all happening!

Newborn Knowledge and Know-how

 When working with newborns, it’s very important to know whether or not your intended photographer has been properly trained to do newborn sessions. Newborns are very delicate and pliable. Making them easy to pose but oh so fragile to handle. Part of what you are paying for in a newborn session is hours and hours of mentoring and practice. So when trained properly, like here at Blush Baby, we know what to look out for such as baby’s mood, breathing and coloring. 

Confidence is key with Newborn Sessions

Handing over your most precious possession is something you should feel 1000% confident about! So we do not take any part of this lightly. We use the safest techniques, equipment, and poses. Making sure to never force baby into any pose. 

Next, when baby gets fussy, if we are not able to calm them down with gentle bouncing or a sound machine, they go right back to mom for some snuggles and love. Last but not least, our goal here at the end of your session is for you to walk out never wondering again “is newborn photography safe?” and having you feel well taken cared of and loved!

work with blush!

Newborn Sessions are perfect for babies in their first weeks of life! Our Newborn Sessions are all inclusive, meaning parent, sibling and newborn portraits alike! We can’t wait to create your first family portrait with your new bundle of joy! Contact us today. 

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