Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot – What To Expect

Wanting to take outdoor maternity photos?

When planning your outdoor maternity photoshoot, there are a couple things to keep in mind. Everything from location to what you should wear needs to be planned out. In this blog post I’ll be talking about what you can expect during your session, beginning to end, once all of those moving parts have been decided. 

At the very end, as we're walking back to our car, Big Sister Emily told her Dad to tell me she had such a fun time!

What exactly should you expect at your photoshoot?

First and foremost, know that there will be a lot of love in the air! This is such a special time in your life and showcasing that love is my absolute favorite thing to do! This session is really all about capturing you and your family and you all interact with one another. But don’t get me wrong! I will be gushing over you with love too and making sure you are feeling like the goddess that you are, Mama!! We really want this magical moment in time to be celebrated and given the spotlight that it deserves.

We wanted to make sure Big Sis, Emily, was the little star she is! Man, she took over the show. She directed me!

Maternity Session Timeline

Whenever I do any kind of photos where family and little ones involved, I like to start with group photos and individual photos of the kids. There little attention spans can only last so long, especially with it being an outdoor maternity photoshoot. So I find it best and most productive when we start there. Big kids are always still the star. By making them feel like their on center stage, it makes them more excited and that’s exactly what we want!! The more excited they are, the better and more genuine the photos turn out. 

Once we’ve got some shots of the siblings, we get the whole family together. This is where you’ll have a ton of interaction and really capture the love. There’s a lot of interacting with the belly, hugging and kissing going on here and it’s really the best!! After family photos, we then get some shots of just mom and dad. And last but most definitely not least, we get you Mama. This is your time to shine as the creator of life itself! This moment is all about you and I really make sure to let all of my mamas know that during our time together. 

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