What to Bring to your Newborn Session

Newborn Session: What do I bring?

No sure what to bring to your newborn session? Simple. Just the newborn. Yes, you read that right. All you need to bring to your newborn photography session is yourselves and your baby. Boston Newborn Photographer, Blush Baby Photo makes this a very enjoyable experience—where we provide everything you may need as we capture your newborn’s first portraits of life.

Boston's newborn photographer's studio is designed for you and your family's comfort and ease.

Newborn Session Onsite Necessitates

From diapers, to wipes, to newborn props and accessories—you really just have to show up.  Newborn Photographer, Blush Baby Photo has diligently equipped their newborn studio for new parents, big siblings and brand new newborns. With toddler-friendly toys, a television with Netflix, a speaker playing calming white noise (and maybe even some sweet newborn lullabies that you very well may get a bit sick of by the end of our newborn session!) Nonetheless, our Boston area clients feel at home the minute they walk in—and we love that!

Sit Back and Relax

New parents. Hear us out. The last thing we want you to be doing in this new season of life is stressing about your newborn session. You like the idea of newborn photography, but are overwhelmed with packing up, leaving the house with a newborn and the unpredictable newborn sleep schedule.

Sit back and relax during your newborn session. Our Sherborn studio is safe, clean and reassuring that your newborn is in the best of Boston’s Newborn Photographer’s hands.

We will lovingly work with your newborn for a few hours, stopping for diaper changes, feeding breaks, cuddle and rocking as needed. If you choose to take a cat-nap, we’ll gently wake you up when baby is hungry and needs a little parent time.

Leave with Love

We here at Blush Baby Photo want our Boston area clients to leave your newborn session with nothing but LOVE. Love for the new life you’ve just carried and created. Love for your growing family’s beautiful portraits we’ve just captures. And love for your overall experience with Boston’s Newborn Photographer.

work with blush!

Newborn Sessions are perfect for babies in their first weeks of life! Our Newborn Sessions are all inclusive, meaning parent, sibling and newborn portraits alike! We can’t wait to create your first family portrait with your new bundle of joy! Contact us today. 

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