What to Expect at a Newborn Photography Session

Newborn Photography Sessions Made Easy

Mama, you’d had a baby. THAT’S AMAZING! You have a lot on your (sleep deprived) mind—the last thing we want you to do is worry about what to expect at your Newborn Photography Session. Boston Newborn Photographer, Blush Baby Photo makes it a seamless (and what we think is most important, an enjoyable) experience! Read on…

Newborn Photography Session 101

All of Boston’s Newborn Photographer, Blush Baby Photo’s Newborn Photoshoot Sessions range anywhere from 3-4 hours. YIKES! Does that seem like a long time? Well, yes… but hear us out.

We take our time with your newborn. We go slow and at baby’s pace. We never, ever force your newborn into an unsafe or uncomfortable position. We stop for feedings, burps, diaper changes—and always make time for rocking, cuddles and swaddles. As a Boston Newborn Photographer, we make it our priory your newborn is safe and sound during your entire Newborn Session. Period.

The Newborn Photography Studio Space

Boston Newborn Photographer’s Studio (located in Sherborn, MA) is designed for parents, families, and children in mind. There is a seating area: a comfy couch, arm chairs, a rocking chair with a television supplying Netflix for you all to catch up on your shows—or furthermore, catch up on some zzzz’s! We’re not kidding when we tell new parents to take a nap, while we work our magic with baby during your Newborn Photography Session. Don’t worry, we’ll wake you up softly when your newborn needs a little feeding!

Supplies at our Newborn Photography Studio

We. Have. Everything! Everything needed to run a smooth, successful and fun Newborn Photography Session. From diapers, to sound machines—we mean it when we say—”Just show up with your newborn!”

There is a lot that goes into a Newborn Photoshoot, but you don’t need to worry about that. Our Boston Area clients are amazed at the amount of newborn props we have. We have any color under the rainbow for blankets and wraps, with matching newborn accessories to boot! Wicker and bamboo baskets and beds, handmade to fit your newborn’s tiny stature. Wipes, diapers, receiving blankets, burp cloths, a bottle warmer to a Dunkin’ Donuts right next door! We want you to make yourself at home during your Newborn Photoshoot.

Our Boston area clients are always amazed at how much goes into a Newborn Photography Session. Make yourself at home, we've got it from here...

work with blush!

Newborn Sessions are perfect for babies in their first weeks of life! Our Newborn Sessions are all inclusive, meaning parent, sibling and newborn portraits alike! We can’t wait to create your first family portrait with your new bundle of joy! Contact us today. 

While you’re at it, take a peek at Blush Baby Photo’s Newborn Gallery.

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