Can I Use My Phone to Take Pictures?

In social media, we see people on their phones all the time. They’re mini versions of a computer that can do almost anything for us. 

We can order food, get directions, and connect with people. You name it; your phone can do it! 

Many people use their phones to capture memories every day! I run across photos of families and friends giving updates about their lives. Phones are convenient for quick pictures and videos, but the phone camera is not the same as the quality of the professional behind a camera.

Why shouldn’t I use my phone for professional photos?

Plain and simple: It’s not the same quality. You can quickly tell the difference between a professional photo and the work of an iPhone. A professional photographer knows their camera. They can look at the environment around them and determine the settings of their camera. An iPhone doesn’t have some of the settings of a professional camera. 

The photos are more appealing to the eye than a regular phone camera. When hiring a photographer, you are not just paying for them to take pictures. What you’re also paying for is the packaged experience. You’re paying for the professional editing services, designing, artistic elements, preparation, and somebody who cares for your baby.

Hiring a photographer is an investment. You’re investing in someone who provides a concierge-level white glove service.

Several hours are spent planning and designing my sessions. I love incorporating creativity into my sessions by offering different sets of props, backdrops, and clothing options for your baby. 

One of the biggest reasons to hire a professional instead of taking iPhone pictures is for the service.

I have a deep respect and love working with my clients. That’s the best part of my job! Providing a unique experience is essential when hiring the right photographer. You want to hire somebody that will give you details, options, open communication, and most importantly, somebody that will care for your baby. I love working and caring for the babies that come into the studio.

Quality over Quantity

A photographer has expertise in using high-end equipment and providing editing services. I use specific editing software and a system to bring you pictures you will swoon over. After our session, a gallery of images will be delivered to you. These prints can be ordered through top-quality labs that will print high-resolution photos and albums for you. High-quality photographs and albums will make for great heirloom products that can be passed down from generation to generation. Your children and loved ones will enjoy having family photos to reminisce about for years.

The Experience is Worth It

Your iPhone can produce numerous images for you. They are quick and convenient. They are an excellent tool for social media, but they are not the best option for family photos. The experience of having the planning, editing, quality, and care of a family photographer is worth your investment. They will provide the best experience for you and your family while delivering breathtaking images that your family will cherish for years to come.

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