Why You Should Print Your Photos

We really are living in the digital age. Your address book, your photos, videos, absolutely everything is digital and fits right inside your pocket. That is why you should print your photos! Having them displayed on your wall or in a scrapbook is just that much more special.

Besides the sentimental value, there are a couple other reasons why getting your photos printed is so important.

Photo Corruption

It’s no question that having things on a digital file can be convenient as well as take up less space. 

Having all of your memories stored on a USB or hard drive can be favorable but did you know that digital files can actually corrupt over time? That’s right! No matter how many times you back up, corruption happens and you will have lost those special moments forever.

Being able to print your photos immediately gives you piece of mind that your memories are safe and provide a beautiful piece of artwork for your home.

Beautiful Heirlooms

Not only is getting your gorgeous photos printed to display for all to see important but Blush Baby Photo also offers, and encourages, showcasing your memories as a cherished keepsake. You can check out some of the options we have at the bottom of the page right here

These heirloom pieces are so special to have in your home because you’re able to pass them down from generation to generation. Just like my beloved grandmother’s scrapbook. Making these moments timeless and memorable for years to come.

Tangible Memories

I remember growing up and flipping through scrapbooks that my grandmother made of family memories. There is just something so special about tangibly being able to go through photos and talk about people you once knew or places you once lived. I don’t believe that you can ever truly replace the nostalgic magic of physical photos.

You'll never regret investing in tangible memories that last a lifetime!

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