What is a Milestone Session?

My baby is growing up so quickly!

That’s one thing I always hear from my clients who are parents of newborns. I hear about all the changes their babies make in the first couple of years of life. 

Clients will ask if they can bring their babies in for portrait sessions when they hit significant milestones such as crawling, walking, smiling, or sitting up. The answer is simple: YES! 

I love when my clients reach out to book a milestone session. These sessions are fun because they are all about celebrating your baby! We will laugh and celebrate your baby’s accomplishments.

When should I book a milestone session?

Honestly, anytime is the best time! We’ve had clients come in with their little ones at 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. These are the most common months that clients tend to book. If you are interested in booking a milestone session, you can book it anytime! Your baby hits milestones all the time! Babies start to smile, sit up, and walk at different points. There’s never a set timeframe for when babies start to develop. No two babies are alike!

What do we do at a milestone session?

We have fun! This is all about your tiny tot! One of our favorite things at Blush Baby is making our clients have the best experience possible! When you bring your baby in for their session, we guarantee they will enjoy it! I love to sing, dance, and play with your precious one. We will make customized playlists of the baby’s favorite songs. Singing and dancing are guaranteed in our sessions. Playing with toys and props is a favorite with our babes in sessions. We use squeaky toys and make silly noises when getting your bundle of joy’s attention.

Do I need to bring anything to a milestone session?

You can bring your little one in a particular outfit if you want them to be photographed. If you don’t know how to dress your baby, don’t worry! WE have you covered. We have a selection of props and wardrobe ideas for your little one to wear. You can select what props, accessories, and wardrobe items you’d love to see your baby in. I’m always more than happy to help by giving ideas and suggestions.

What next?

I work my magic! This will be where the session begins. I will work with the baby by getting them prepped and ready for posing in our session. Parents, you will have the chance to relax in our area, where we have Netflix and a couch if you need a nap.    

While you relax, I will create some magical portraits with your baby. We will use several props and poses throughout our session while making your little one laugh!

work with blush!

If you want to book a milestone session to celebrate your bundle of joy, contact us. Let’s celebrate and create some breathtaking portraits of your baby!

While you’re at it, take a peek at Blush Baby Photo’s Milestone Gallery.

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