Are Newborn Photos Worth It?

As a newborn, child and family-styled photographer, I get the question, “Are newborn photos worth it?” 

The simple answer: YES! 

Sure! We’re a little biased at Blush Baby regarding newborn photos. I tell parents that they should have photos captured of their newborns.

Why are newborn shoots worth it?

I tell my parents, considering a newborn session, that this is one time they’ll never get back. Newborns are only little for a limited amount of time. You’ll never get that bond and time back again once they are older. Time is precious, and a newborn shoot is a beautiful way to show the baby’s personality and features. Hello, baby rolls!

They will only be this small once

Your newborn will never be this small again. They will be this tiny once in their life. Babies grow up so fast! Photographing your baby soon after birth will give you portraits to treasure for the rest of your life and their lives. You can look back and reminisce on the size of their little fingers, toes, baby rolls, and facial expressions. How adorable is a baby’s little smirk, smile or even yawn? 

When my current clients return to order their newborn photos, their baby has grown so much within the first few weeks! It’s truly amazing to see how much they can grow in such a short amount of time. I’ve even had some parents ask if they can schedule another shoot of their newborn.

Safe space and a relaxing time for new parents

It’s no lie that the parents of a newborn baby are exhausted. Your entire life has changed for the better. It takes a long time to adjust to the new schedule with feedings, changings, and sleep schedules with your new babe. When parents come in for a session, I expect they will be exhausted. 

When clients come in with their babies, they will see how our studio is designed. Our studio at Blush Baby includes a calming and relaxing space for parents to hang out while we create beautiful portraits of their babies. We provide a comfy sofa, chairs, and a television with Netflix. Parents can catch up on shows or take a nap! 

You will have the best experience by having the option to take a snooze while I work my magic with your babe!

Beautiful Portraits of Your Baby

While you’re relaxing, I’ll work my magic with your precious newborn. My goal is to create a safe and relaxing environment for your baby. I use various props, outfits, and styled shoots to showcase your baby’s photos. We love creating a fantastic experience for parents and babies while creating beautiful pieces you’ll love! 

My clients are always in awe of how their newborns look after our sessions. They create heirloom albums to look back on their beautiful little ones. 

If you’re considering booking a newborn session, this is your sign to book! It’s time to schedule that infant session. I’ll get to work while you can relax and chill. You won’t regret it!

Contact us today and let’s get started!


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