10 Must Haves | Newborn Photography Edition

I’m still amazed at how much goes into a Newborn Photography. There are 10 things I simply can’t do a newborn session without (and this goes without saying the obvious: baby, parent(s), photography equipment, lighting, studio and such!) 

Here’s a few handy, dandy resources to all the new Mamas out there. Hey, it takes a village…and maybe a newborn photography tool or two! Right?!

10 Must Haves | Newborn Photography Edition

Baby Shusher

As a newborn photographer myself, I can attest, it is quite soothing. Most babies react really well to the calming, “shushing” sound. You’ll find the Baby Shusher hanging from my studio’s light or on the newborn posing table, ready to claim those sleepy baby vibes. You will hear this “shushing” machine during every newborn session. Sometimes I give a good “shhhh” too! 

Tiny. But mighty. It can go anywhere! Take it along with you in the car. Attach it to your stroller. When baby’s having a hard time getting to sleep or you want to drown out the surrounding ambiance—give this a little twist and let the “shushing” begin. 

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Newborn Lullabies + White Noise

The Dreamegg Sound Machine is a must in Blush Baby’s newborn studio. Not only does it play lovely white sound, but also includes sweet baby sounds such as birds chirping, waves crashing, water flowing. When we turn the ambient lights off, this sound machine provides a bit of light that won’t startle baby. 

Super easy to use! This sound machine comes with a USB adapter. The machine itself is rather petite, which means it can nuzzle into any space of your newborn’s space or nursery. Let the calming times ensue! 

Need some white noise of your own? Click here.

Newborn Mattress Pad Vibrator | The Lulla-Vibe

The Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad is probably the most asked about during our newborn sessions. This small, light blue, paddle-looking tool is certainly a game changer with our tiny clients (babies). This soft, padded, vibrating tool is meant to be placed under baby’s crib mattress. It’s battery operated, with one setting, and gives off a calming vibration—perfect for settling baby. 

At Blush Baby Photo, we use the Lulla-Vibe at every newborn photoshoot. If baby is swaddles in a newborn prop, the Lulla-Vibe is leaning against the prop. If baby is being posed on the posing table, the Lulla-Vibe is gently placed next to baby.

Often, it makes it’s way into our photos and that’s ok. Happy baby, happy photographer. After all, Photoshop! 

Want to try it for yourself? Click here.

Birchwold Farms in Wrentham, Massachusetts is a must see! If you are ever in the area with your partner, children, dog or even solo. Stop, take a stroll. Explore the beautiful natural surrounding. Take it all in.

Thank you Vetrano Family for another lovely, lovely session!  We can’t wait to work with you all again, hopefully, sometime soon! 

And thank you the the beautiful landscape provided by Birchwold Farm, Wrentham, MA. We’ll be back again!

Newborn (well, Puppy) Pee Pads

You will find Puppy Pee Pads lining our newborn posing table. Sure, laugh! They are perfect for catching liquids from seeping through 20+ baby blankets! Who would rather wash 5 than 15 posing blankets? Us! 

We also use Puppy Pee Pads under newborn family portraits, if we are posing baby in the nude (ie. no diaper – brave, right?) in Mom or Dad’s arms. Why? Well, it’s an easy clean up when accidents happen. 

Why didn’t I think of that? Click here.

Newborn Pacifiers

Sometimes we forget things, and pacifiers are usually one of them. That’s ok! Blush Baby Photo has a stash of new-in-packaging pacifiers for our littles. Pacifiers are essential, at times, to soothing newborns. We completely understand if parents choose not to use pacifiers at home, however, if baby is rather unsettled, it’s a great soothing mechanism to have our newborn photoshoot run seamlessly! 

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The Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

The Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner is another must of our newborn photo shoots. Newborn photography is a fine skill with many moving parts, always trying to calm, what may be, chaos. This is where the Boppy comes in handy. We use the Boppy while transitioning from set to set or another color newborn posing blanket. Baby is often resting on the Boppy in a safe and sound area of our studio. Baby is always supervised and in an arm’s length distance from an adult. It’s a must for baby’s comfort! 

I need this! Click here.

Heating Pad

Baby’s safety is the utmost importance, always, during our newborn sessions. That’s why we diligently use a heating pad in the right situations and on a safe, low setting. Babies want to be warm. However, they are too little to control their own body heat. That’s where we, newborn photographers, come in handy.

Blush Baby Studio uses our heating pad to warm newborn posing blankets prior to having baby posed on them. That way, baby is not startled being put on a cool surface. 

If baby needs a bit more settling, we’ll careful “tent” the heating pad over baby. Sometimes, softly touching—but never near or on their face. Ever. A trained professional is always nearby and monitoring. The heating pad is never kept on or near baby too long.

Cuddle up. Click here.

Newborn Studio Space Heater

On the topic of heat, we must remember, babies don’t mind being naked, they just don’t like being cold. Bring on the heat!  Blush Baby Photo’s studio is kept around 85 degrees during newborn sessions. We want baby to be warm and cuddly. That’s when we get the adorable, squishy poses—accentuating their baby rolls that they will soon grow out of…

With that, we have Portable Electric Space Heaters around the studio, circulating the heat. It’s warm and toasty for everyone! Sweat is optional. 

Give me warmth! Click here.

Baby Wipes

Ok, parents. I will tell you at the start of our session, “it’s totally normal for me, your newborn photographer, to be pee’ed and poo’ed on”—and I mean it. It’s not a normal session if I don’t! 

So, wipes, wipes and more wipes are a must at all out of newborn sessions. We use them for everything, and often! I want you to, too! 

Need wipes? Click here.

Patience. Lots + lots...

Last but NOT least—PATIENCE. I just had a baby in the studio and our session was 6 hours. 6 HOURS?! WHY? Because patience. 

Look, most babies do not sleep through their entire session. They are being handled more than they usually are. They are being wrapped. Bonnets, on and off. While yes, we’re beyond gentle—it’s still more movement than they are used to in their new life. Because of that, baby may be a bit more alert and awake. We aim to get a gallery full of variety for you to cherish forever, so we go at baby’s flow.

Newborn Sessions usually are 3-4 hours each, but when Mama said she had time and really wanted all the cute, naked, cuddly poses…PATIENCE is what we had and it was sooooo worth it!

…where’d you get that? Amazon? Sorry. No.

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