Birchwold Farm | Wrentham, MA | The Vetrano Family

Dear Families,

On the topic: Family photography. I get it. You have a ton going on, not sure what to wear or if the kids will behave that late in the day. More so, will Dad even want to participate?! That’s where I come in. Being one of Boston’s leading family photographers, I come with experience, tips and tricks to make this a very pleasurable experience for you, the kids AND DAD! (Afterall, that’s what you are paying me for! Right?)

Birchwold Farm, Wrentham MA

Shout out to my younger sister for showing me this gorgeous bit of conservation land in the sweet town of Wrentham, Massachusetts. Birchwold Farm is popular amongst its neighbors, especially dog-owners. With multiple natural trails and large open fields of grass, it’s a dog’s playground!

family dancing by Boston Photographer

The Vetrano Family

I first met the Vetrano Family during my 2021 Holiday Minis. I set up a simple, white winter scene in my humble studio (which at the time was in my Ashland, MA home’s empty spare room!) and the Vetrano children were simply magnetic and magical. They came in and started their session shy, yet sweet. It didn’t take long until we were tossing confetti in the air and rolling around the floor. I knew I had to have them as clients again soon.

Mom mentioned she wanted to keep in touch for family photos when the season was brighter and warmer. So, we did just that. I’m so thankful The Vetrano Family chose to work with Blush Baby Photo for their Outdoor Family Lifestyle Shoot.

loving family photo by Boston photographer

A Family Session at Birchwold Farms

With all of our Outdoor Sessions, we started 1-hour prior to sunset. This allows the family ample time for candids as the sun goes down. To get the family (especially the children) warmed up, we started tucked away a vast, heroic tree. We talked a lot, asked the kids what their favorite color is, who snores louder or can make a louder “roar”—that always makes for hilarious portraits.

Outdoor sessions are for roaming and exploring. A level of excitement builds as the families get calmer, more natural with me and my prompts. There’s a sense of bonding that happens with my, their photographer and them, the client. By the end of the sessions, I usually have a few, new little best friends. 

mother bonding with daughter by Boston photographer
mother kissing daughter on forehead by boston photographer

The Perfect Prompts

What’s so lovely about Birchwold Farms in Wrentham, MA is the natural trails. No matter which way you decide to go, you have your pick of tall grass, wild flowers, fields of layers to roam through and stunning tress to compose around. A outdoor lifestyle photographers dream!

Birchwold Farms provided the perfect space for children to run around their parents, swing in each other’s arms and even do the most basic childhood activity, ring around the rosey—as I snapped away, in the perfect sunlight, with the perfect family in my camera! 

You location does not need to be in bloom, with lush greens with perfectly manicured areas. The best locations are hidden meadows with layers of earth to explore in.

husband holding wife with kids around

A Must See

Birchwold Farms in Wrentham, Massachusetts is a must see! If you are ever in the area with your partner, children, dog or even solo. Stop, take a stroll. Explore the beautiful natural surrounding. Take it all in.

Thank you Vetrano Family for another lovely, lovely session!  We can’t wait to work with you all again, hopefully, sometime soon! 

And thank you the the beautiful landscape provided by Birchwold Farm, Wrentham, MA. We’ll be back again!

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If you would like to have a photography session at this location, or somewhere else in the Greater Boston or MetroWest area —contact us! We specialize in newborns, children, and families. Outdoor Lifestyle Sessions are perfect for: families, maternity, engagements or any type of celebration! We can’t wait to work with you and your family!

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