Get Outdoors Now with Massachusetts Family Photographer!

Do you enjoy being outdoors? It’s no lie that spending time outdoors can boost your happiness. Fresh air and sunshine are always encouraged for all ages. As a photographer, I love having outdoor lifestyle sessions. 

We have some beautiful weather here in Boston, Massachussets for most of the year. Sadly, we can’t always shoot year-round unless you enjoy the snow. Let’s be honest; our winters are beyond cold. 

Boston has beautiful scenery and landscapes in the spring, summer, and autumn. Springtime brings us magical gardens with fresh plants and trees. Spring symbolizes the beginning of life and new chapters. 

Getting outside allows children to be free. It's like free pass for them to explore, wander, goof around...all the while, I'm capturing their sweet interactions and expressions.

Summer brings warm days with families spending time outdoors and exploring the Boston area with lots of adventures. Summer also means later sunsets. I love summer photography because it gives families more time to get ready after getting off work. This also means lots of dreamy golden hour picture opportunities. 

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. Boston becomes more beautiful with its crisp air and beauty that change into those rich, warm colors we love on our trees. Fall is one of the busiest times of the year for many photographers. It’s a great time to take updated lifestyle portraits and family pictures.

Why Getting Outdoors for a Photo Session is a Good Idea

I have a full-service studio located in Sherborn, MA that I love and adore taking photos of your babies and families in. But there’s something about having fun and being in the great outdoors that puts a smile on our faces. Booking a session outdoors doesn’t have to be the typical group photos or staged poses. 

Take your family on an adventure! Have a picnic in the park, or go on a nature expedition. Roll around in the vast, open meadows in the springtime! Jump in the leaves at a park during the fall. Watch the sun go down to glimpse that dreamy golden hour! 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to booking outdoor sessions. Let your kids wander and explore. Encourage their curiosity! Take them flower picking, run, and chase each other. I love capturing running photos of children with their parents. You can see the pure joy on everyone’s face. 

Having fun, chasing each other, singing, and dancing in circles will create priceless memories and portraits. 

Your family will be the session’s primary focus, but having beautiful views in the background can add to a photo’s value. The surrounding Boston area has many styles of scenery, from its breathtaking vast fields of conservation land to the small meadows near hidden ponds and lakes.

Outdoor Photography Alternative Shots

Outdoor photo sessions provide many chances for alternative shots and backgrounds. Being outdoors can add to the visual appeal of the viewer’s eye. 

Your family photos can be taken in front of wildflowers and tall grass. Your children can play tag. Mom and dad can snuggle up with the baby for a sweet candid moment. Backgrounds can make the photos fun and natural with ready-to-go props. It’s a bonus!

Relax and have the time of your life!

Studio sessions can feel a little more formal. If your family loves to have fun and is happier when laughing, an outdoor family session might be for you. Your children will be laughing the entire time when you are relaxed. Sometimes children have fake smiles when they feel a lot of pressure. It can be stressful to have pictures taken. Want to have those natural smiles? 

Booking an outdoor session will make your children feel much more relaxed and comfortable. Sure, there will be some wind-blown hair. Being relaxed will take the pressure off. The children won’t have to wear formal clothes. That also removes the pressure off you for not wearing as much makeup and brushing your hair. 

Your family will have memories and beautiful images representing who your family is. A family outdoor session will forever be that perfect moment captured in time.

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If you would like to have a photography session out and about in the Greater Boston or MetroWest area —contact us! We specialize in newborns, children, and families. Outdoor Lifestyle Sessions are perfect for: families, maternity, engagements or any type of celebration! We can’t wait to work with you and your family!

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