Breakneck Hill Conservation Land | Southborough MA | The Hauck Family

As a Massachusetts’ Family Photographer, a question I get often is, “Where should we take our family photos?” I GOT YOU! We have a list of safe, beautiful, picture-perfect fields and meadows waiting for your family’s portraits to be had. I scout locations near and far, with my camera in hand, testing the light and the scenery. However, I will give credit, where credit is due. My client recommended Breakneck Hill Conservation Land in Southborough, Massachusetts—and. it. did. NOT. disappoint. 

A Hidden Gem

Breakneck Hill Conservation Land in Southborough, Massachusetts is a hidden gem. It’s a large area, filled with meadows, hills, gorgeous plant life, and so many nooks and crannies us Massachusetts Family Photographers LOVE. Rumor has is, there are sometimes cow spottings?! Sadly, we did not see any—but we still had a BLAST.

The Hauck Family | Framingham, MA

The Hauck Family are local to MetroWest. Mama grew up in Natick, MA and Dad grew up in Framingham, MA—where there are currently raising their beautiful two sons. The four of them made me look good, to say the least.

As the sun set over Breakneck Hill, we worked our way up to the top of the land—utilizing that summer glow! Mom and Dad had tickle fights with their sons as I snapped away, capturing their raw joy in frame. 

Outdoor sessions are SO. MUCH. FUN. Families are encouraged to interact, be themselves, look at one another (yep, not at the camera!) That's where the magic happens.

As most Boston family photographers know, this sunlight isn’t here year round. We have winters—that come with a lot of snow. When I saw that glowing lens flair hit my camera, we captured it the most. 

Breakneck Hill’s tall grass was the perfect setting. The sun set perfectly as the littles played in the meadow. I encourage littles to navigate their surroundings, show me (well, the camera) what they find so that I can capture their candid personalities.

Children’s attention spans are short. Thus, we, family photographers, must make our session interactive, on the move, FUN. (Don’t worry, I don’t charge for the workout!) I kept the boys moving. We continued to walk up on Breakneck Hill’s highest point, and once the sun set, I prompted the Hauck Family to have what us family photographers call a “cuddle puddle”. Blanks are provided! The outcome is always simply perfect. 

Just as we thought our session was coming to an end—Breakneck Hill, Southborough has many trails, and the one we took, lead us out to a beautiful nook displaying tall wildflowers. The sun had pretty much set at this point, but still provided a perfect glow allowing me to capture The Hauck Family’s favorite family portrait.

Worth A Visit

If you haven’t visited Breakneck Hill Conservation Land, Southborough, Massachusetts, we highly recommend it. Not just for family photography, maternity photoshoots, engagement photos—but for walking your dog, taking a stroll on a summer night, or even catching up on your favorite book. 

Thank you Hauck Family for a lovely, lovely session! You’ve certainly become a large part of Blush Baby’s family. We can’t wait to see your family grow!

Also, thank you the the beautiful landscape provided by, Breakneck Hill Conservation Land, Southborough, MA. Blush Baby Photo will be back for more!

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